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ProMech has extensive experience in the development and optimization of special manufacturing processes and tooling, leading to quality improvement and lower manufacturing cost for both new and existing operations.

• Developed methods and hardware to automatically perform pressure decay leak testing simultaneously on 100 units on a product that cannot withstand pressure in excess of 25 inch water column (1 psig).

• Developed assembly fixtures for use on a dial index assembly system to precisely align a number of die cut laminations. For a particular model of product, these fixtures enable an improvement in product assembly yield from 20% to nearly 100%.

• Designed components and mechanisms for use in dairy packaging equipment. Considerations included cost effective manufacturability and conformance with 3A Sanitary Standards for Dairy Packaging Machinery.

• Performed a study on Machine Vision products and technology for a start up manufacturer of medical products to determine a standard platform for machine vision inspection.

• Performed a study to develop a concept and cost model for an air bearing positioning system used in a laser ablation process. This system is required to provide sub micron repeatable positioning over a 40 inch by 36 inch area.

• Performed a study to develop a concept for accurately applying a thin coating to an electrical insulator.

• Designed and implemented a plant wide machinery guarding project to satisfy customer defined safety objectives.

• Served on a team to develop procedures and facilitation concepts for high explosive removal and reclamation for an international demilitarization project.

• Lead a team to perform a technical and financial risk analysis for a program to produce an advanced consumer energy product.

• Performed a study to evaluate and recommend non-stick FDA compliant coatings for use in a high temperature plastic bonding process used to manufacture a personal hygiene product.

• Assisted a customer with the debug and qualification of a complex assembly machine used to manufacture a critical energy device for a medical product.

• Performed a preliminary study to assess and recommend options for inventory data collection and work-in-process management for a start up manufacturer of a consumer product.

• Performed a study to determine feasibility of performing a difficult moisture content measurement as part of a coating process used in the manufacture of automotive batteries.

• Developed the detailed design configuration of a test machine for optical discs. This concept was used to produce and successfully implement a machine which was duplicated several times to provide adequate production capacity. The system is installed in a Class 100 clean room.

• Developed a system employing LVDT precision measurement probes to verify the proper number of .004 inch thick plates in a lamination.







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